Sheet Felt Products

Sheet felt is a wool engineering material made from dense pressed felt that offers the properties needed for industrial applications. Ideal for filter pads and grease and oil seals, custom sheet felt provides durability and shock absorption that withstands heavy-duty industries.   

Monarch Textiles manufactures custom sheet felt in standard or cut-to-order sizes to meet your application needs.

Applications of Sheet Felt

Because sheet felt is a durable, shock-absorbing material, it is often used in a range of industrial applications, including:

  • Anti-vibration pads
  • Drum pads
  • Bearer felts
  • Grease and oil seals
  • Bumpers
  • Gaskets
  • Filter pads
  • Fluid wicking
  • Filter bags
  • Print rolls
  • Intake socks

Custom Sheet Felt from Monarch Textiles

Sheet felts are made from higher quality virgin wools and are much denser than our standard SAE felts. They are made from wool fibers that are mechanically pressed using heat, moisture, and pressure. Under these conditions, the fibers lock together tightly. Because the material is so dense, it can’t be rolled.

Through the mechanical pressing, sheet felt comes in up to 32 lb densities with various thicknesses. The sheet felt traditionally comes in 36” x 36” sheets but can be cut to order.

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