In these challenging times, our thoughts and prayers are with all who are impacted by this crisis. It’s great to see so many doing what they can to protect the safety of their families, friends and communities. As a supplier to several essential industries, Monarch Textiles remains open and operational.

Monarch Textiles is now thrilled to offer various protective materials to address this pandemic.

Sound Insulation Felt

Monarch Textiles supplies various felts, highloft materials, and other nonwovens for sound insulation applications. Most commonly used in automotive and sound room insulation applications, our sound insulation materials dampen the vibrations that cause unwanted noise. Sound insulation materials are used to line automotive cabins, trunks, wheel wells, and other areas where excessive, unwanted sounds may originate. Our sound insulation materials are used to insulate recording studios and any area requiring sound isolation.

We offer sound insulation materials in numerous densities and thicknesses, and in quantities to meet your requirements. We also provide a range of secondary services, including slitting and die-cutting, to give you the products you need, just the way you need them.

Submit a product inquiry for felt and other materials for your application, or contact Monarch Textiles to learn more about our sound insulation materials.