In these challenging times, our thoughts and prayers are with all who are impacted by this crisis. It’s great to see so many doing what they can to protect the safety of their families, friends and communities. As a supplier to several essential industries, Monarch Textiles remains open and operational.

Monarch Textiles is now thrilled to offer various protective materials to address this pandemic.

Filtration Felt

Felt is a highly effective material for filtration applications. Polyester felt, polypropylene felt, and other needled felt materials can be used to filter air, liquids, gases, and more. Our filtration felts are available in a range of densities and thicknesses, and in sizes and quantities to meet your needs. From air to liquids, Monarch Textiles offers the right nonwoven media for any filtration application, such as furnace, HVAC, baghouse dust collectors, liquid pressure vessels, liquid filter presses—the list goes on and on.

We offer a number of converting services, including sheeting and die-cutting, to add value to our products and to give you filtration materials that better match your specifications.

Submit a product inquiry for filtration felt for your application, or contact Monarch Textiles for more information on our filtration products.