Buffing Felt Products

Wool felt is mildly abrasive, making it ideal for buffing, abrading, and polishing applications. Polishing wool felt materials and products are used to buff or polish glass, metals, plastics, gemstones, and many other materials.

Monarch Textiles supplies buffing felts for all industries, including aircraft/aerospacemedical, and others.

Benefits of Buffing and Polishing Wool Felt Materials

Wool is naturally abrasive, making it perfect for buffing and polishing products for a variety of applications. When put onto a buffing wheel, the wool felt can be used with any compound for cutting or polishing. They hold an edge well, making them great for working in angles and corners.

Buffing and polishing wool felt materials are naturally flame retardant and self-extinguishing, adding to their durability. They are long-lasting and will hold up against a wide range of challenging conditions.

Other advantages of wool felt polishing wheel material include:

  • Wear resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Highly absorbent
  • Environmentally friendly


Applications of Buffing and Polishing Wool Felt Materials

Wool felt polishing wheels are used to polish both metal and nonmetal materials for a variety of applications. Felt mounts for buffing and polishing are used for:

  • Glasses and other glass products
  • Marble and stones
  • Crystals and expensive jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Stainless steel
  • Medical devices and machines


Wool Felt Polishing Wheel Material from Monarch Textiles

Our buffing felts are made of gray carbonized or scoured wool. They’re available in a variety of densities and in thicknesses from 5 mm to 70 mm and can be cut-to-size in wheels or sheets.

We also offer felt buffing mounts in all shapes and sizes. On special request, we offer felt wheels with reinforced backing plates, chemically hardened surfaces, customer-specified center bores, and different degrees on their faces (minimums apply).


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Monarch Textiles supplies a wide range of polishing wool felt materials and products to meet your application needs. We are committed to customer service, and we will work with you to find the perfect wool felt polishing wheel material for you.

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