Needlepunched Felt

Needled or Needlepunched Felt

At Monarch Textiles, our concern is that each yard of needled felt that comes off the line is in accordance with required specifications and consistent from start to finish and from order to order.Needlepunched or needled felt is created through a process by which synthetic (and sometimes natural) fibers are opened (or spread apart), mechanically oriented in a carding (or combing) machine to make a web. This web is then layered using a cross-lapper. These layers are fed into a needle loom where the fibers are mechanically inter-tangled (or needled) using thousands of barbed needles. The first stage of determining the density of a needled felt is by the type of needle used, the depth of penetration of the needles and how many punctures per square inch (ppi) are made. Other finishing processes can be included such as calendaring, singeing and glazing.

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