Wool Felt Products

Wool needlepunch felt is a nonwoven fabric that is made through the felting process, using specially-designed needles to connect wool fibers together into the desired thickness. Because wool felt is Needlepunched and not woven, it will not unravel, making it a durable material.

Monarch Textiles specializes in nonwoven textiles, supplying a range of wool felt to meet your application requirements.

Creating Wool Industrial Felt

Wool felt begins as raw fleece that needs to be mixed and layered to create a batt, or matted wool. Multiple batts are layered on top of each other to create the desired density. Moisture and steam are added, then the batts are compressed inside a hardener. During this phase, the fibers are interlocked with an oscillating motion that continually raises and opens the fibers.

Once the fibers are interlocked, the industrial felt is moved through steel rollers in a process called fulling. This process involves pressure, heat, and moisture that helps to further strengthen the fiber connection. Once completed, the wool felt is washed, dyed, and then stretched out to dry.

Benefits of Using Wool Felt

Wool felt has excellent wear resistance and holds up well despite stress on its seams. There is a natural, thin wax coat on wool that is resistant to liquids. Typically, the liquids will pool together and be easily wiped off. Dirt and debris can also be easily cleaned. Because wool is made from fibers, dirt can simply be brushed loose. 

Additional benefits include: 

  • Flame-resistance
  • Wear-resistance
  • Highly absorbent
  • Excellent insulator against cold, heat, sound, and vibration
  • Does not unravel or fray
  • Resilient
  • Takes dies and tints easily 

Applications of Wool Felt

Wool needlepunch felt is a durable material that is ideal for a variety of industries. For everything from DIY to automotive to insulation, wool felt provides a range of benefits. Wool needlepunch felt is a versatile material that can be soft for sewing, but can also hold up for lathe applications.

Additional applications for wool felt are:

Quality Wool Felt Options from Monarch Textiles

Wool needle punch felt is processed using the same process as needling synthetic fibers. Most of the wool needlepunch is made using recycled wool fibers.

Monarch Textiles’ wool felt is available in 60” or 72” wide rolls as standard and is available with or without PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive).  We can custom slit our wool felt rolls to any specifications.

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