Highloft Roll Goods

Highloft roll goods are created through the same carding process used to produce synthetic felts, but without needling. They are comprised of two or more types of polyester fibers, some with high melting points and others with lower melting points. Once blended and carded, these fibers are run through an industrial oven which melts the low-melt (or fusible) polyester, fusing the other, non-melted fibers together. Other similar products use chemical bonding, which can wear out or fail, resulting in the separation of the component materials—our highloft roll goods are 100% mechanically-bonded polyester with no chemical additives. Common applications for industrial-grade highloft roll goods include sound dampening, batting in furnishings and couch cushions, felt insulation, filtration, and others.

Monarch Textiles’ highloft roll goods inventory includes:

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