About Us

Monarch Textiles was formed by John Armour in 1991. But John had worked in the felt industry since 1984, starting as a carding and needling machine operator. Moving into industrial sales, in time, he realized that his commitment to understanding and servicing the unique needs of each individual customer was not considered “industry standard”.  He founded Monarch Textiles in his home office with a simple mission: listen to the customer and supply the products that they need to be successful. This foundation has not changed as each employee has an appreciation of what a customer means to the company; making us a trusted nonwoven textiles producer and converter for decades.

Service is Our Strength

We thrive on servicing our customers so that we can work as a team in developing, producing and supplying just what is specified. Our ability to supply nonwoven textiles, including needled felt, pressed felt, or other nonwovens in full rolls or die cut to specified dimensions is only one facet of who we are. Our experience, combined with our dedication to understanding and addressing specific customer requirements, ensures our ability to provide innovative industry solutions.

Whether you’re interested in needled felt or pressed wool felt or any other of our wide array of nonwoven products, rest assured, we will take the time to listen and produce what you require in a timely manner at competitive pricing.